Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Black Pepper Sorbet

So, after some recent negative customer feed back and much discussion in the BOH, I would like to get some other opinions on this long time uchi staple. Over the last few years, several changes have been made. Presentation, sweetness level, portion size, fruit to shiso to sorbet ratio, garnish etc... Today we came up with a few other ideas as well. Just fishing for any other possible ideas you guys might have. Thanks!

One Ingredient Omakase

So, it's nice that this blog has been created when it has, because I just had an idea the other day....

How about an occasional omakase menu that features one ingredient as the main attraction?

I know. Iron Chef, that's been done, but to me it just feels cool. Hear me out,I mean, it could be done on a monthly basis, you know one night only (maybe a slower night, like Sunday or Monday?).

It would be a great way to get the foodies in more often and hopefully create some new ideas for menu items in the future.

Sometimes limiting oneself can breed some amazing creativity.

Thanks. That's my two cents for now.

*The above photo is my choice for first main ingredient.

Monday, March 30, 2009

changes/improvements we are currently working on BOH

saba shio changing to new adjustments and mis. Add adjustments to menu.
tako pops changing to ume/coriander flavor.
madai carpaccio is 86 fried individual scales
brie sweet potato threads changing to long crisps. Need to finalize. 
house salad rolls 86; changing to simpler presentation
new baby romaine with edamame dipping sauce salad needs to be added to menu.
testing ideas on making ika san and seaweed salad in house
new simple white small/midsize bowls for most kitchen dishes. Any word? Someone called steelite? 

The Bacon Steakie Debacle!!

  So I'm making this post to relay specific information about customer comments for the change to the Steakie.  I am leaving out any personal bias.  This is strictly feedback from customers.  What I can gather is that people who've had the Steakie before (the old way) don't like the new way much at all.  But people who have never had it seem to really enjoy it.

Saturday night 2 negative comments:  customer 1 said: "it was ok but I like the old way waaay better, it was more crispy."
a different table (6 top) of people who've been in a few times said this:  "I wouldn't order it again with the new prep.  I really miss the charred kinda crispiness of the old way.  And I really liked the apples because even though it was kind of a heavy dish the apples lightened it up a bit."

Sunday night 1 positive comment:  a table of 6 who seemed to be in the industry, and only 1 person at the table had been in before:  "That thing was awesome!"

Just trying to give you guys a running tally of what people are saying on the floor.  I'm not gonna offer my opinion on the dish.  But I will say that change is good, otherwise shit gets boring, and we can't always give in to what the customer wants 'cause everyones palate is different.  Just so long as we keep tweaking it until the MAJORITY like it!!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

it's alive.


We have created this blog spot for the use of all Uchi food creators. This spot will be a venue for new ideas, work on current ideas and a general message board for all who would like to input on uchi food. I hope you will feel inspired to share all of your thoughts...