Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Ingredient Omakase

So, it's nice that this blog has been created when it has, because I just had an idea the other day....

How about an occasional omakase menu that features one ingredient as the main attraction?

I know. Iron Chef, that's been done, but to me it just feels cool. Hear me out,I mean, it could be done on a monthly basis, you know one night only (maybe a slower night, like Sunday or Monday?).

It would be a great way to get the foodies in more often and hopefully create some new ideas for menu items in the future.

Sometimes limiting oneself can breed some amazing creativity.

Thanks. That's my two cents for now.

*The above photo is my choice for first main ingredient.


  1. I think that a one-ingredient-themed omakase with ten courses could get tedious, but like the idea of the mini-ones taking this facet.

    P.S. Whatever happened to the Sunday night Mini-Omakases?

  2. let's work on it. uni very versatile.