Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Texas Monthly article

(From December 2009) Dashing from our car to beat a looming
downpour, we found the mood inside this pretty orange cottage
refreshingly uplifting—the bar area pulsed with cool
customers chirping and imbibing and swift servers doling out
complimentary appetizers. Seated at the sushi bar, we had a
wonderful view of the artists at work. Chef Tyson Cole is a
genius; we couldn’t get enough of his madai (Japanese
black snapper) with lemon zest and olive oil. Other standouts
included mussels in a coconut crêpe with alfalfa sprouts
and quince and maplewood-smoked baby yellowtail with yuca chips,
Asian pear, Marcona almonds, and garlic brittle. That attention
to detail extends to the servers as well, who always seem to
know what you want right before you do. Beer, wine, & sake.

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